Where Did These Images Come From?

Or, The Best Minimum Wage Job I Ever Had.

Though I’ve been shooting bands since 1987 these were all taken from 1998 to 2001.

I shot all these images while shooting for my local daily paper The Santa Cruz Sentinel. They covered my film and developing and paid me $100 for the photos and the accompanying article. The upside was that I got to choose which photos run, write a nice long article ( about 800- 1200 words) and got to go to shows for free while building a nice portfolio. Most photographers didn’t get to write or choose which shots run. My editor was really supportive, flexible, and did a great job with a limited budget. At the time my main income was derived from my Graphic and Web Design Business with a bit of supplemental income from my television and video production company, and my self syndicated weekly political comic strip.

By today’s standards I was shooting in the dark ages. I used a Minolta X-700 that I got for a graduation gift in 1984 with a Minolta Motor Drive and a Tokina 60-300mm 4/5.6 lens. That’s a pretty slow lens…a very sloooow lens. Other professionals might tell you it can’t be done and not to bother with a lens like that.

But wait, it gets worse. Though I had a motor drive, my camera completly lacked the ability to self  rewind or self thread the film. The other photographers would simply hit a button and the camera would rewind the film. They would then  pop in a new roll and let the camera automatically thread it. While this marvel of technology was going on around me, I would be hunkered down in the dark, on the floor, doing it by hand for each roll. I got so fast I could load, unload and shoot a minimum of four rolls of 36 exposure film in the allotted first three song limit. Whew!

Fortunately, it’s not really the equipment, but what you do with it. Yes, you do have to have something halfway decent to shoot with but after that it really comes down to your timing and composition. If you don’t have that, the best gear in the world won’t help you. If you’ve got a good eye, you can work around equipment obstacle pretty effectively. For film I used Fuji Superia 800 Print. It had a good grain, it pushed well, and the price was right. Sure, I would haved loved to shoot with better but cost wise it was prohubitive since this is really more of a passion than a income generating career. Either way, I think my shots (mostly) speak for themselves.

I didn’t have a negative scanner so all these images were scanned from hard copy photographic prints. A pretty piss poor way to reproduce an image, but better than nothing. That’s why some of the images have little dust specs or washed out corners. I suppose someday I’ll scan the negatives the proper way and re-post these.

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